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Funding livestock sustainability —
via a connected carbon marketplace.

Athian's cloud-based platform benchmarks, validates, and certifies GHG reductions, carbon capture, and energy production to monetize sustainability in a centralized marketplace.

We’re creating an industry-led platform to fund carbon offset projects within the livestock value chain, enabling producers to make systemic change while optimizing their operations.

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About Athian

Industry-wide Value

Our automated process ensures that guaranteed carbon credits will fund the changes you are making. Plus, Athian's data-driven forecasting keeps the incentives coming.

Our Promise

Athian enables animal agriculture producers to monetize their sustainability efforts — whether it's the work they've already done or the progress they're making toward a future sustainability goal.

How we do it

Athian’s carbon credit marketplace enables the creation, banking, buying, and selling of certified carbon credits — providing the incentives required to make lasting change.

Getting Started

We're partnering with industry leaders to create a connected carbon marketplace. Fill out the form below to learn more and get in touch.


FEB 15, 2022

Press Release: Athian Announces Funded Launch

An industry-based, AI-powered analytics tool, Athian enables the livestock (beef, dairy, pork, and poultry) industry to make good on its sustainability commitments by validating GHG credits and providing a connected marketplace to monetize them.

FEB 7, 2022

Elanco Adds New Tools to Advance U.S. Livestock Sustainability Efforts

Elanco Animal Health announces the creation of Athian, a company designed to certify, aggregate and monetize environmental reductions within the food system in partnership with start-up incubator High Alpha Innovation.

FEB 11, 2022

Elanco, High Alpha Innovation launch ag-tech startup Athian

Greeneld-based Elanco Animal Health Inc. and Indianapolis-based High Alpha Innovation have teamed up to launch Athian, a company designed to help cattle farmers and ranchers measure and eventually monetize their carbon-reduction efforts.


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