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Driving Impact Through Lasting Systematic Change

At Athian, we choose to focus on carbon insetting. In contrast to traditional carbon offsets, insets keep the environmental and economic benefits of a carbon reduction within the value chain of a specific industry. Carbon insetting can have a significant impact on a company's overall sustainability performance by reducing emissions within its value chain and fostering more sustainable practices among its suppliers and partners. By embracing the insetting approach, we offer companies a financially viable and scalable option to achieve their goals while supporting systematic changes.

Ensuring Compliance, Transparency, and Accountability

We believe that scientific rigor, transparency, and accountability are essential to making that mission a reality. As part of our commitment to these beliefs, we have established a Scientific Advisory Board and defined our principles, standards, and processes in a publicly available Governance Framework. Utilizing these standards, we have developed a platform that merges established best practices with technical innovations to deliver validated, verified carbon assets based on sound scientific methodologies.

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Protocols are a fundamental component of all interventions available on the Athian platform. They identify intervention requirements and provide a consistent, standardized approach for implementation, data collection, quantification, and verification.

In order for a protocol to be approved for use on the Athian platform, it must first be vetted by the Athian Scientific Advisory Board and reviewed by an accredited, third-party Validation & Verification Body (VVB) against ISO Standards.

Once approved, protocols are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure sound methodology and allow for continuous improvement and innovation.This consistency, structure, and standardization facilitates the scale and volume needed to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction goals of the livestock industry.
Proponents submit a Proposal for Protocol to Athian for consideration and initial review
SAB Review
The Scientific Advisory Board reviews the proposal and evaluates the credibility of the methodology
Protocol Draft
Proponents draft a protocol in accordance with Athian’s governance & program standards
An accredited third-party auditor validates that the protocol is in compliance with ISO standards
Validated protocols are pilot-tested then cataloged and made available for public review
Annual Review
Protocols are reviewed annually to ensure they are supported by the most recent scientific studies


Athian Protocol Library

Alternative Manure Management
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October 27, 2023
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