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February 2, 2023

Athian and Newtrient Advance Dairy Sustainability Efforts

Industry innovators collaborate to offer solutions that will help dairy producers capitalize on sustainability practices and move the industry forward towards its goal to become greenhouse gas (GHG) neutral by 2050.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN [Feb. 2, 2023] — Athian (, the world’s first carbon marketplace for the livestock industry, announces investment funding from Newtrient LLC, which represents two-thirds of the dairy farms in the U.S., to work collaboratively to reach dairy sustainability targets.  

Athian enables the livestock industry to make good on its sustainability commitments by certifying greenhouse gas (GHG) credits and providing a connected marketplace to monetize sustainability efforts. Newtrient believes dairy is an environmental solution, and with the right economic opportunities, dairy farmers can further advance the sustainability of their farm. Newtrient’s investment in Athian is a positive step toward making carbon markets more accessible to dairy farmers across the country.  

“Along with other leaders in the livestock value chain, Newtrient is excited to have a seat at the table to help Athian build a carbon marketplace that best represents dairy farmers who are looking to quantify their carbon reduction potential and monetize those reductions” said Chris Kopman, General Manager at Newtrient.  

Since its inception, Newtrient has focused on practical environmental solutions that provide farms with revenue streams. This partnership with Athian is the right opportunity for dairy producers to capitalize on the work they are doing with Newtrient to support their sustainability efforts.  

Athian’s platform prioritizes carbon insets within the dairy value chain by leveraging existing on-farm data sources. The platform automates data collection, quantification, 3rd party verification for carbon reductions and transactional services.  

“We are pleased to partner with Newtrient to provide practical environmental solutions that give farmers new revenue streams and help companies deliver on sustainability commitments throughout their value chain” stated Athian CEO and co-founder Paul Myer.  “We believe that no single company can solve this problem. This partnership is an example of how the industry must work together to move the needle on climate change.”  

About Athian
At Athian, we are technology experts with farming in our genes. We enable environmental sustainability for animal agriculture because we believe in being good stewards of the earth’s resources for generations to come. We use software to aggregate, certify, and fund greenhouse gas reductions throughout the entire livestock value-chain.  Athian’s platform is an industry-based analytics tool that enables the livestock industry to make good on its sustainability commitments by providing carbon credits. Athian’s carbon credit marketplace provides quality greenhouse gas credits that fund livestock producers’ sustainability measures. Athian is a High Alpha Innovation company based in Indianapolis, IN, and is currently raising a seed funding round led by Elanco Animal Health.

About Newtrient
Newtrient was founded in 2015 with a mission to reduce dairy’s environmental footprint and make it economically viable to do so. Newtrient advances environmental technologies, products, and markets to help all farms voluntarily adopt climate-smart practices. With support from leading dairy companies, including Agri-Mark Inc., Dairy Farmers of America Inc., Foremost Farms USA, Michigan Milk Producers Association Inc., Prairie Farms, Select Milk Producers Inc., Southeast Milk Inc., Tillamook, United Dairymen of Arizona, and organizations including Dairy Management Inc. and National Milk Producers Federation, Newtrient serves as an environmental and technical resource to nearly all U.S. dairy farmers.