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May 16, 2022

Athian Applauds Potential for New Methane-Reducing Livestock Product

Athian points to Bovaer® as a tangible sustainable solution to support monetization of livestock sustainability efforts.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN [May 16, 2022] — Industry-led livestock sustainability platform Athian (, designed to help farmers and ranchers monetize their sustainability efforts, points to an exciting potential new solution to help livestock producers’ gain value from their sustainability efforts.  

Bovaer®, a first-in-class methane-reducing innovative feed product for beef and dairy cattle, has been found to reduce methane emissions 30% for dairy cows and even higher percentages for beef cattle in 50 peer-reviewed studies and 48 on-farm trials worldwide. The product is already available in a number of countries around the world, including Europe, Brazil and Australia. Recently, Elanco Animal Health Incorporated and Royal DSM, developer of Bovaer, recently announced a new strategic alliance that provides Elanco the exclusive U.S. licensing rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize Bovaer®.  

“By bringing Bovaer® to U.S. livestock producers, Elanco and DSM provide an exciting new solution to domestic beef and dairy production,” adds Paul Myer, CEO of Athian. “Pending authorization, it has the ability to immediately and significantly reduce the environmental footprint of meat and dairy products, and Athian is primed to help producers fund these innovations and keep that value within their supply-chain. By validating and certifying these methane reductions and ultimately converting them to quality GHG credits, we can make a huge impact on the climate crisis and improve the health of our planet.”

Athian has received pre-seed investment from Elanco, joining a growing portfolio of tools and services the company is building to help farmer’s not just reduce their environmental footprint but to also measure and monetize it generating a new era of value for farmers and ranchers.  

Amidst the $1-2 billion global market opportunity for livestock methane reduction, Elanco expects Bovaer® to have annual revenue potential in excess of $200 million. Further, once Bovaer® receives U.S. authorization, it provides Athian a substantial opportunity to aggregate, certify, and monetize carbon credits created from new and increased emission reductions by producers, supporting the Global Methane Pledge to cut emissions 30% by 2030.  

About Athian
Athian is a software marketplace solution that enables the creation, banking, buying, and selling of certified carbon credits, enabling farmers and ranchers to monetize their current and future sustainability efforts. The company’s Sustainable Livestock Systems platform validates and certifies greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, carbon capture, and energy production, creating quality GHG credits that ultimately fund high-impact efforts to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities. Led by co-founders Paul Myer and Geoff Bastow, Athian is headquartered in Indianapolis and is part of the High Alpha Innovation venture studio portfolio.