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June 24, 2024

Meet The SAB | Dr. Wei Liao

Three questions with Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Wei Liao.

Meet Dr. Wei Liao

Dr. Liao is a professor at Michigan State University in the Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering and the director of Michigan State University's Anaerobic Digestion Research & Education Center (ADREC).

How do you define sustainability?

It’s straightforward to me – the harmony of our ecologic systems and consideration of the entirety of our ecologic systems.

What do you like most about being on the Athian Scientific Advisory Board?

The approach Athian is taking is very important. The cohort serving on the Scientific Advisory Board is very good. Everyone speaks from different angles and perspectives, especially as we review protocols. We’re all grounded in scientific facts and comments, but different perspectives help us understand all consequences and potential outcomes.

What do you wish others knew about sustainability related to animal agriculture?

The animal agriculture industry down the road can be carbon neutral and I believe we can make animal protein as efficient as plant protein.